Our Thoughts


Realistic Expectations


If you have realistic expectations for cosmetic surgery and good overall health, you may be an excellent candidate for many of the plastic surgery procedures Dr. Sachse offers. Cosmetic surgery can have a profound impact on your overall appearance, but it can't change your life. If you feel that plastic surgery is the answer to all of life's problems, proceed with caution. As dramatic as the external effects of facelifts, forehead lifts, and skin rejuvenation treatments are, plastic surgery is not a cure-all. Rather, plastic surgery should be a carefully planned step towards improving your appearance and taking care of yourself. If you come into surgery with a positive, healthy attitude, you will most likely be very pleased with your results.


General Health


Dr. Sachse is very concerned about your safety and wants to ensure that you will be able to handle the operation and post-operative measures. It is absolutely necessary that you provide him with a complete medical history. If there are any questions about the state of your general health he will ask you to obtain clearance from your internist. Being in a state of good health prior to cosmetic surgery will reduce your risks of complications.


Financial Readiness


In the world of cosmetic surgery, procedures are paid for in advance. Each procedure is unique to the individual and cosmetic surgery pricing does vary. If you need assistance, financing options are available.  Please visit the link provided to apply for credit.



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